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This is Brabant, a region with an audacious ‘can-do’ attitude

Innovation, sustainability, working together and enjoying life are central to Brabant. Discover what it’s like to work, live and study in Brabant. And look at all the relevant statistics about knowledge institutions, prosperity and the economy in Brabant. 

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Facts & figures 
Brabant's business community
The Story of Brabant

The region of Brabant is situated in the south of the Netherlands, positioned centrally on the east-west axis and just one hour away from Amsterdam, Brussels, Maastricht and Düsseldorf by car.

The people of Brabant are true pioneers; adventurously audacious and with a ‘can-do’ attitude. They plant the seeds for a sustainable future in many different disciplines and are reaping the benefits of those initiatives all over the world. In sports, music, agriculture & food, art and fashion, but first and foremost in the area of smart solutions for global challenges such as mobility, medical technology and energy.

Brabant: comfortable living, an excellent business environment and many things to see and do

The people of Brabant are adventurous, not afraid to get their hands dirty and live life to the full. They welcome the extraordinary, gladly share their knowledge and expertise and add value in many different fields, both within and outside the region. You see their brands and products everywhere. But above all, the people of Brabant are hospitable, so Brabant always gives you a feeling of coming home. Welcome to Brabant.

De Efteling is a popular amusement park in Brabant | Brabant Brand Box
Photo: Bart van Overbeeke

Brabant: facts & figures

These facts and figures prove it: businesses thrive in Brabant, it is a leading area for high tech and design and its population has mastered the art of enjoying life. 

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The Story of Brabant

Brabant connects: cities with the countryside, tradition with innovation, hard work with pleasure. And above all: people with each other.

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Van Gogh Fietspad - Brabant Brand Box
Photo: Marc Bolsius
ASML | Brabant Brand Box
Photo: Bart van Overbeeke
ASML Eindhoven

Brabant: ‘the smartest region in the world’

The economy in Brabant continues to grow. The secret of its success? Innovation and collaboration. With billion-dollar corporations like Philips and ASML, and countless innovative start-ups, the economy in Brabant has grown faster than other regions in the Netherlands for the past five years. 

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Juul van Hout: "The success of the electric bus transport is largely due to the drivers" | Brabant Brand Box

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