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Dens uses hydrozine as an energy carrier | Brabant Brand Box

Clean energy at the press of a button

As young entrepreneurs, Max Aerts and Tijn Swinkels are still far from achieving their life's work: accelerating the transition to sustainable energy usage through the use of hydrozine ('formic acid'). The point is: time is short. These two innovators from Brabant are in a hurry because the world urgently needs their clean generator technology.

TKI Dinalog stuurt logistiek onderzoek vanuit Brabant aan.

TKI Dinalog drives the research agenda from within Brabant

TKI Dinalog has one daring mission: by 2020, the Netherlands must have the best logistics sector in the world. TKI Dinalog is responsible for the design and supervision of logistics research projects. An interview with Albert Veenstra, director since 2015. 

De Efteling in Brabant, photo: Bart van Overbeeke for Brabant Brand Box.

North Brabant: facts & figures

These facts and figures prove it: businesses thrive in Brabant, it is a leading area for high tech and design and its population has mastered the art of enjoying life.

Brenna's favourites

PhotonDelta: European photonics collaboration based in Brabant

Lack of investment, fragmented development activities and lack of awareness are all obstacles standing in the way of a photonics breakthrough. How can PhotonDelta resolve this?

'A robot in my eye!' Preceyes develops surgical robots

Preceyes develops surgical robots that allow eye surgeons to perform complex retinal surgery. The surgeon uses a joystick to control a robot-assisted operating arm.

Scan - Philips Eindhoven

From light bulb manufacturer to health technology company

From light bulb factory to specialist in health technology: Philips has been involved in health care since the early years.

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