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High Tech Campus Eindhoven: The smartest square kilometre in the world

The location for all of Philips’ Research and Development activities until 2003, then gradually other companies set up shop here and it became the smartest square kilometre in the world.

Monotch in Made: making mobility smart, safe and sustainable

Our roads and railway network are increasingly congested. Monotch, a company based in the Dutch town of Made, develops smart mobility platforms to improve traffic flows. On the road with Paul Potters: “We collect data, enrich it by combining sources and offer it from a central resource. So that people can travel more efficiently from A to B.”

Hermes Brabant, foto Peter van Trijen voor Brabant Brand Box

The largest electric bus fleet in Europe operates in Brabant

The largest electric fleet of buses in Europe operates in Eindhoven. Read all about this unique collaboration between Hermes and VDL.

Brenna's favourites

PhotonDelta: European photonics collaboration based in Brabant

Lack of investment, fragmented development activities and lack of awareness are all obstacles standing in the way of a photonics breakthrough. How can PhotonDelta resolve this?

'A robot in my eye!' Preceyes develops surgical robots

Preceyes develops surgical robots that allow eye surgeons to perform complex retinal surgery. The surgeon uses a joystick to control a robot-assisted operating arm.

Scan - Philips Eindhoven

From light bulb manufacturer to health technology company

From light bulb manufacturer to specialist in health technology: Philips has been involved in healthcare from the very beginning.

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