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Heart valve operations may not be necessary in the future

Xeltis develops 'living' heart valves made from biodegradable polymers. This technology may make a whole range of heart valve operations redundant in the future.

Photonics, the world of superlatives, is Made in Brabant

Photonic chips are faster and more energy-efficient than electronic chips. Brabant is one of the leading global players in photonics thanks to the activities of TU Eindhoven and PhotonDelta, and also businesses like EFFECT Photonics and SMART Photonics. 

SMART Photonics links cutting-edge technology to a market need

Photonics is more than a vague promise, says Richard Visser of SMART Photonics. "We are on the eve of something earth-shattering. Rather like the upheaval caused by the electronic chip.”

Brenna's favourites

Stella Lightyear, Lightyear 1

It ís achievable: a solar-powered family car

As college students in Brabant, they won the Solar Challenge with the Stella, a solar-powered family car. This led to Lightyear. The challenge: successfully sell this car to the public!

Maatschappelijke betrokkenheid bij Ecotap in Boxtel

World-leading innovation in Boxtel: solar-powered charging stations

Ecotap, based in Boxtel in North Brabant, has embarked on a conquest to convert the world to solar-powered charging stations. Supported by dozens of employees with a disability. Social involvement goes hand-in-hand with excellent results. What is Ecotap's secret? 

Onora coffin, photo: Peter van Trijen

Woman from Brabant develops organic coffin

Sustainable coffins made from 100% natural bioplastic: is that the future? Marieke Havermans, an enterprising woman from Brabant, has developed the biodegradable coffin: a personal and sustainable alternative for traditional coffins. 

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