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Branding film region Noord-Brabant 2019.

Brabant is the region of self-assured innovation, enterprising collaboration and shared expertise and experience.


Branding film region Noord-Brabant.

Clean energy at the press of a button. Accelerating the transition to sustainable energy usage through the use of hydrozine ('formic acid').

Compilation video DENS.

World-leading innovation in Boxtel: solar-powered charging stations.

Compilation video Ecotap.

Holst Centre is an innovator in electronics printed on film. Shirts with solar cells, cars without buttons on the dashboard: electronics printed on film make this possible.

Compilation video Holst Centre.

Groasis: planting trees in the desert. Bringing prosperity to poor, dry countries. Reducing CO₂ emissions and solving the water problem.

Compilation video Groasis.

Compilation video De Pont.

Compilation video Het Noordbrabants Museum.

Chloé Rutzerveld designs the food of tomorrow. Food and concept designer encourages people to look critically at food production and food consumption.

Compilation video Chloé Rutzerveld.

Pal-V: How a boyhood dream became reality. Invest in smart mobility of the future.

GLOW lights up every corner of Eindhoven. Every year, surprising installations created by innovative artists transform Eindhoven into a huge light art exhibition.

Zundert Flower Parade: building in temperatures above 40 °C.

Compilation video Zundert Flower Parade.

The largest electric bus fleet in Europe. The largest electric fleet of buses in Europe operates in Eindhoven.

Compilation video Electric public transport buses.

Compilation video Dutch Design Week.

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