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Brabant accelerates ahead in smart and green mobility

From electric buses to flying cars: Brabant is a leader in smart and sustainable mobility. Find out more about the increasing intelligence in vehicles and the environment.

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From electric buses to flying cars

We travel thousands of kilometres a year in our densely populated country. Keeping traffic environmentally friendly, maintaining a smooth flow and avoiding accidents are huge challenges. But we can rely on the booming high tech industry in Brabant to come up with brilliant solutions. To be precise, Brabant is a leader in smart and sustainable mobility. Not only are we making vehicles smarter with advanced software, the environment also communicates with them.

Self-driving cars

Technology is developing at an unstoppable pace. Self-driving cars that exchange information with other vehicles make driving safer. Intelligent traffic lights that rapidly anticipate traffic movements ensure a smoother flow of vehicles. Up-to-date traffic information and bespoke alternative routes improve accessibility. And electric vehicles make the world so much cleaner. Rechargeable batteries are becoming more powerful and the associated charging technology is getting faster and more intelligent. The Smartwayz programme offers high tech companies with innovative ideas attractive opportunities for making mobility smarter and more sustainable. That policy spurs entrepreneurs on and concentrates the mind. So surprising initiatives from Brabant are coming to market in quick succession.

Proud pioneer

The areas of application of smart and green mobility are virtually endless. One thing is certain though: our mobility will become increasingly efficient, safer and cleaner as time passes. An exciting development that is changing our living environment at lightning speed. With Brabant in a proud pioneering role.

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Lightyear presents the first solar-powered private car | Brabant Brand Box
Photo: Bart van Overbeeke

The solar-powered family car is no longer ‘science fiction’

As college students in Brabant, they won the Solar Challenge with the Stella, a solar-powered family car. This led to the start of Lightyear. The prototype, the Lightyear One, was presented to the world in June 2019.

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Automotive Campus: Helmond high tech

The Automotive Campus in Helmond is a breeding ground for innovations in mobility. Edwin Heesakkers of Altran tells us more about this hotspot for high tech.  

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Altran Engineering: world leader in engineering | Brabant Brand Box
Photo: Peter van Trijen
Social involvement with Ecotap in Boxtel | Brabant Brand Box
Photo: Fotoburo Bolsius

Ecotap: world-leading innovation in Boxtel

Ecotap, based in Boxtel, has embarked on a conquest to convert the world to solar-powered charging stations. Supported by employees with a disability. Social involvement goes hand-in-hand with excellent results. What is their secret?

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The first flying car in the world comes from Brabant

In Raamsdonksveer, a new chapter is about to be added to the history of aviation. Because, after roughly 15 years of development, the first PAL-V is due to take to the air in 2022

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Is the flying car from Brabant destined to make history? Brabant Brand Box
Juul van Hout: "The success of the electric bus transport is largely due to the drivers" | Brabant Brand Box
Photo: Peter van Trijen

Largest emission-free bus fleet in Brabant and Europe.

The largest electric fleet of buses in Europe operates in Eindhoven. Read all about this unique collaboration between Hermes and VDL.

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Making mobility smart, safe and sustainable

Monotch, a company based in the Dutch town of Made, develops smart mobility platforms to improve traffic flows. On the road with founder Paul Otters.  

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Monotch makes mobility smart & safe | Brabant Brand Box
Photo: Peter van Trijen

Brenna's favourites:

Petra Koenders talks about working at the Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op Zoom - Brabant Brand Box

Candy wrappers made from potato waste

The Green Chemistry Campus, exactly the right place for young technology companies, is booming. Read more about the new collaborative partnerships, new investments and the new building.

Edible Growth in Eindhoven: stroopwafels of residual products from the vegetable industry, Brabant Brand Box

Chloé Rutzerveld designs the food of tomorrow

Food and concept designer Chloé Rutzerveld encourages people to look critically at food production and food consumption.

Tilburg is the first city with a sculpture (Sky Mirror for Hendrik) of Anish Kapoor in the public space.

Anish Kapoor and Museum de Pont

Tilburg is the first Dutch city to display a sculpture created by artist Anish Kapoor in a public space. How did Museum De Pont achieve this major feat?

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