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This website is an initiative of the Provincial Authority of North Brabant, Team Brabant Branding. The greatest possible care has been exercised when compiling, producing and posting the information on this website. Have you found anything that is incorrect or no longer up-to-date? If so, please let us know via the contact form.

Using Brabant Brand Box

Team Brabant Branding, acting on behalf of the provincial authority of North Brabant, provides access to various online resources such as copy, photos and videos via Brabant Brand Box. These resources express the power of Brabant and present a positive image of Brabant as a region. In principle, these resources may be used by third parties free-of-charge as content for their own publications, presentations, websites, etc. The resources should be used in order to present a positive image of Brabant. They may not be used for merchandising and/or product advertising. The resources may not be used out of context or manipulated in any way that results in a mismatch between the content of the copy or images and a positive image of Brabant. The use of photographic and video material is subject to further restrictions. You must state the name of the photographer if you use a photograph. Video material may only be used for editorial purposes. The copy and visual material offered on Brabant Brand Box may not be offered to third parties for a fee.

You agree to the above by using the resources. The Provincial Authority of North Brabant or the original creators retain all rights of intellectual property with regard to these resources. If you have any doubt about the legitimate use of the resources made available here, please contact Team Brabant Branding.

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