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From historical heritage sites (such as the Camp Vught National Memorial) to DJs like Tiësto (who hasn’t heard of him?): in Brabant, you can enjoy plenty of culture, art, design, food and music.

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From Van Gogh to Kapoor, from Guus to GLOW: Brabant is the place to be!

Enjoying life takes centre-stage in Brabant. So it is hardly surprising that Brabant, with its rich diversity of events, has the highest festival density in the Netherlands and is also the 2018 European Region of Gastronomy. In addition, with its countless small and several leading museums, Brabant is also an ideal destination for lovers of culture.

Leading museums and a creative vibe

You see it wherever you go in Brabant: highly visible manifestations of art, design and culture. For example, (centuries-old) art in Het Noordbrabants Museum, contemporary design from the hand of Anish Kapoor in the De Pont, or raw inspiration at Strijp-S - the vibe in Brabant is one of constant creativity.

Strijp-S in Eindhoven, photo Bart van Overbeeke
Photo: Bart van Overbeeke
Van Gogh de aardappeleters,
Photo: Van Gogh Brabant

Vincent van Gogh and Brabant are inextricably linked.

A special place for Van Gogh

And when you think of art (in Brabant), how can you not think of Van Gogh? Vincent van Gogh and Brabant are inextricably linked. The little boy from Zundert grew up to become a world-famous artist who would leave his mark both on the world and on Brabant.

Major events in Brabant

You can enjoy special experiences and meet like-minded people throughout Brabant. Carnival is a fantastic party every year! Even so, Brabant offers much more besides. For example, the Dutch Design Week (DDW) gives its visitors a unique insight into design in the Netherlands and above all Brabant. GLOW literally shines an artistic spotlight on Eindhoven each year. Woo Hah, the Hip-hop festival, emphasises the innovative urban character of the Tilburg music scene and both Jazz in Breda and Jazz in Duketown are nationally and internationally important jazz events we can be proud of. 

Could it be a coincidence that Brabant - the region that has produced well-known artists like Tiësto, Hardwell and, of course, Guus Meeuwis - also has the highest festival density in the country?

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Van Gogh Nuenen, Frank van den Eijnden, fotografie Melchert MzS
Photo: Melchert Meijer zu Schlochtern

In the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh and Brabant are inextricably linked. Frank van den Eijnden, the man behind Van Gogh Brabant, talks about his fascination for Van Gogh. 

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Anish Kapoor brings ‘the heavens down to earth’ at De Pont

Tilburg is the first Dutch city to display a sculpture created by artist Anish Kapoor in a public space. How did Museum De Pont achieve this major feat?

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Sky Mirror for Hendrik, Anish Kapoor, collection De Pont.
Photo: Peter van Trijen
Sky Mirror for Hendrik, Anish Kapoor, collection De Pont.
Dutch Design Week, Waarmakers at work, photo Peter van Trijen
Photo: Peter van Trijen

Dutch Design Week: fun in the train

On behalf of NS Dutch Railways, Ontwerpbureau Waarmakers came up with an unusual game to make travelling by train more fun. It underwent its baptism of fire during the Dutch Design Week 2017.

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De Bende at work for GLOW light festival

GLOW in Eindhoven is one of the most popular light art festivals in the world. The designers of De Bende were asked to design innovative route signs for GLOW.

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Photo: Bart van Overbeeke

After BredaPhoto Festival, you will never look at the sky without apprehension again

Tina Farifteh participated in the International Talent Program for BredaPhoto Festival. Her photographs of innocent skies tell a gruesome story.

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Zundert Flower Parade: building in temperatures above 40 °C

Will the floats for the Zundert Flower Parade be ready on time? Things get tense during the hot summer of 2018.

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Photo: Joeri Sannen

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