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De Efteling in Brabant, photo: Bart van Overbeeke for Brabant Brand Box.

North Brabant: facts & figures

These facts and figures prove it: businesses thrive in Brabant, it is a leading area for high tech and design and its population has mastered the art of enjoying life.

Scan - Philips Eindhoven

From light bulb manufacturer to health technology company

From light bulb factory to specialist in health technology: Philips has been involved in health care since the early years.

Dutch Design Week: fun in the train

On behalf of NS Dutch Railways, Ontwerpbureau Waarmakers came up with an unusual game to make travelling by train more fun. It underwent its baptism of fire during the Dutch Design Week 2017.

After BredaPhoto Festival, you will never look at the sky without apprehension again

Tina Farifteh participated in the International Talent Program for BredaPhoto Festival. Her photographs of innocent skies tell a gruesome story.

Threesixty/De Verspillingsfabriek, Frenk van den Berg, Photo Melchert MzS

THREE-SIXTY against Food Waste

THREE-SIXTY in Veghel conceives innovative solutions for a circular economy. The Verspillingsfabriek (waste factory) is a good example.


PlantLab: Number 1 in Indoor Farming

Is it possible to feed the world and make it healthier without placing an impossible burden on the Earth’s resources? PlantLab's technology is changing food production worldwide.

Onora coffin, photo: Peter van Trijen

Woman from Brabant develops organic coffin

Sustainable coffins made from 100% natural bioplastic: is that the future? Marieke Havermans, an enterprising woman from Brabant, has developed the biodegradable coffin: a personal and sustainable alternative for traditional coffins. 

Automotive Campus, Altran, photo Peter van Trijen

Automotive Campus: a breeding ground for innovations in mobility.

The Automotive Campus in Helmond is a breeding ground for innovations in mobility. Edwin Heesakkers of Altran tells us more about this tech hotspot.

PAL-V, the first flying car - photo

How a boyhood dream became reality

Invest in smart mobility of the future. Ted den Ouden, a shareholder in PAL-V, the company behind the first flying car in the world, talks about making history., international in telecom, international in telecom

Telecom company encourages its staff to think like entrepreneurs. There are no managers: ‘The members of our team do what they are good at. New ideas? Let’s hear them!’

BitSensor stops hackers in their tracks

BitSensor's innovative security software identifies hackers in seconds. It has earned the company from Eindhoven a nomination as ‘start-up of the year’.

JADS masterevent in Den Bosch, fotografie Bart van Overbeeke

JADS Brabant: saving rhinos with big data

The first university for Data Science in the Netherlands, JADS, is up and running. Team Rhiknows won the first hackathon for finding ways to protect rhinos against poachers! 

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