Petra Koenders at the elephant grass on the Green Chemistry Campus Brabant Brand Box

Brabant invests in the bio-based economy

We make sustainable products from plant-based raw materials extracted from crops and waste flows generated by agriculture and the food industry.

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Metamorphosis: from roadside cuttings to impact-resistant barriers

Crash barriers made from roadside cuttings, building materials made from elephant grass and ingredients for paint produced from general household waste such as nappies? It is all happening in Brabant. Reducing the waste mountain, building new knowledge for a green economy and making bio-products that perform better than the traditional variants: Brabant proves that anything is possible. Welcome to the amazing world of the bio-based economy; the green revolution with endless application opportunities. 

New products from plant-based raw materials

Sustainability is our future. Environmental awareness is now widespread at central and local government level, and among consumers and businesses. Furthermore, fossil-based raw materials are becoming scarcer and scarcer. We must, and we can, clean up our act. Fantastic and sustainable products are now made from plant-based raw materials extracted from crops and waste flows from agriculture and food industry. Agri-food, high tech and chemistry, the most important economic drivers in Brabant, all come together here. Brabant is fully committed to the bio-based economy. 

Biorizon in Bergen op Zoom: commercial production of bio-aromatics - Brabant Brand Box
Photo: Melchert Meijer zu Schlochtern

The Green Chemistry Campus develops bio-products in an open innovation environment

Innovative research at the Green Chemistry Campus

The Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op Zoom is a platform for revolutionary research into eco-friendly innovations for the chemical industry. The companies at the Campus Innovation Center collaborate via open innovation and knowledge sharing. The research performed by Shared Research Center Biorizon into the use of bio-aromatics from plant-based waste is a response to worldwide demand for these raw materials as an ingredient for chemicals, paint, cosmetics and other products.

Sustainable crash barriers and coffins

The bio-based crash barrier was developed in Raamsdonk in Brabant. Millvision, a company that is also active at the Green Chemistry Campus, recycles roadside cuttings to produce innovative bio-based profiles. In ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Onora has developed a stylish and eco-friendly coffin made from bio-plastic. A world first: the first coffin, and at the same time the largest product, to be made from bio-plastic. 

The green revolution has started in Brabant

The landscape in Brabant is green wherever you look. All the basic ingredients and knowledge for surprising and new eco-friendly products are available in Brabant. Companies in North Brabant think green. They are agilely and skilfully responding to fast-growing demand for organic plastics, natural colourants and biodegradable packaging materials. Is this the long-awaited sustainability revolution? It is, and it starts in Brabant.

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Rubia cooperates with other biobased companies on the Green Chemistry Campus | Brabant Brand Box
Photo: Melchert Meijer zu Schlochtern

Rubia is back from bankruptcy: “Customers are coming to us now"

About thirteen years ago, a group of entrepreneurs in Steenbergen saw opportunities for natural dyes. They convinced several farmers to grow madder and set up their own laboratory and factory.

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Biorizon is active in the field of sustainable chemistry

Biobased raw materials - ranging from inedible sugars to manure - can be modified to produce constituents for a shiny coating for your phone, the tyres for your bicycle or the dashboard in your car. Biorizon has achieved a breakthrough for sustainable production and even better quality.

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Bioriozon in Bergen op Zoom makes raw materials from reusable waste - Brabant Brand Box
Photo: Melchert Meijer zu Schlochtern
The building of the Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op Zoom, Brabant Brand Box.
Photo: Merlin Daleman

Bio-based economy in Bergen op Zoom

Read how inventors are working to create a sustainable economy by using our waste mountain to produce renewable raw materials.

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Candy wrappers made from potato waste

The Green Chemistry Campus, exactly the right place for young technology companies, is booming. With new collaborative partnerships, new investments and a new building at the campus.

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Petra Koenders at the elephant grass on the Green Chemistry Campus Brabant Brand Box
Photo: Merlin Daleman
Onora in Brabant develops organic coffin - Brabant Brand Box
Photo: Onora

Enterprising woman from Brabant develops biodegradable coffin

Sustainable coffins made from 100% natural bioplastic: is that the future? Marieke Havermans, an enterprising woman from Brabant, has developed the biodegradable coffin: “This was just something I had to do”.

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PeelPioneers, pioneering orange peel as an innovative material

PeelPioneers uses the valuable properties of orange peel for new products. The company is setting up a fast-growing sustainable business around this activity.

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Team PeelPioneers - Brabant Brand Box
Photo: PeelPioneers

Brenna's favourites:

Innovative catering by food designer Ralph Geerts in Breda - Brabant Brand Box

We Are Food by Geerts

Food designer Ralph Geerts will create typical Brabant dishes. Culinary innovation, sustainability and hospitality are his focal themes. The information presented in Brabant Brand Box is offered free-of-charge for positive stories about Brabant.

JADS masterevent 's-Hertogenbosch | Brabant Brand Box

JADS Brabant: saving rhinos with big data

The first university for Data Science in the Netherlands, JADS, is up and running. Team Rhiknows won the first hackathon for finding ways to protect rhinos against poachers! 

Altran Engineering: world leader in engineering | Brabant Brand Box

Automotive Campus: a breeding ground for innovations in mobility.

The Automotive Campus in Helmond is a breeding ground for innovations in mobility. Edwin Heesakkers of Altran tells us more about this tech hotspot.

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