Light projection on the provincial house Noord-Brabant | Brabant Brand Box

Instruments and tools

Would you like to use the wordmark we have developed? The wordmark is available in different colours and formats on this page. You can also find the matrix and our brand filter here. Download everything free-of-charge!

Are you interested in using the matrix or filter?

They are available here!

Download and use the Brabant brand filter | Brabant Brand Box
Photo: Brabant Branding
Feel free to download and use our brand matrix | Brabant Brand Box
Photo: Brabant Branding

Are you interested in using the wordmark?

The wordmark is available below in a range of formats and file types. You can easily download them and subsequently incorporate them in your communications.

The wordmark is part of a branding strategy developed by Brabant Branding. We deliberately chose a wordmark instead of a logo as content is central to the branding strategy. After all, the idea is to inform target groups about the region based on relevant content and not based on a logo.

The wordmark can be used freely if a consistently formatted ‘common denominator’ or name is required for a stand or an event, or as a heading for a project plan, etc. However, its use is not compulsory. The word mark is available as a .png file in red, black or white. You can also download the .eps files: red (.eps), black (.eps), white (.eps) or CMYB (eps)

Wordmark Brabant in red, Brabant Brand Box
Photo: Brabant Branding

The wordmark is also available in combination with ‘Europe's heart of smart solutions’ as the pay-off.

Brabant Europe's heart of smart solutions | Brabant Brand Box
Photo: Brabant Branding

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