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Brabant Brand Box: real stories from the region

Brabant Brand Box offers a wealth of stories about Brabant. All these different stories show that Brabant is the region of self-assured innovation, enterprising collaboration, shared experience and enjoying life and business together.

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Brabant Brand Box is an initiative of Team Brabant Branding, part of the International Affairs Department of the Provincial Authority of North Brabant. Brabant Branding's purpose is to present a positive image of Brabant. So Brabant Brand Box is intended to showcase all the great stories that typify Brabant. And its main purpose is to offer up-to-date and factually correct material to anyone who wants share positive messages about Brabant.

Brabant in a nutshell

We look for pioneering solutions in Brabant. We think outside the box. We lay our cards on the table rather than holding them closely to our chest. We do business collaboratively and as open and frank partners. And Brabant seduces you, immersing you in its pleasure-loving, hospitable and friendly character. There are few regions in the world where enjoying life and outstanding achievement are so inextricably linked. This unique combination is the cornerstone of our success and gives the people of Brabant their distinctive, welcoming character.

Our goal

Team Brabant Branding presents the character of Brabant in collaboration with as many partners as possible. Both national and international. The ultimate objective? To bring Brabant to the attention of a varied range of target groups in a positive way and present it as a leading knowledge and innovation region that offers good jobs and employment conditions and a place where people can make a home for themselves and lead enjoyable lives. Our efforts simplify the work of all the parties involved in attracting talented people, knowledge workers, businesses, students, tourists, etc. to the region.

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